Disturbing Change, from Kraft Cheese Food to “PRODUCT”..

Did you catch that friends?  Kraft now calls their cheese slices a “product”. Bigger than beans, it says so, right dab, center front of its label.  Product?  I bought makeup ” products” last week.  Makeup up products, as in a NON food item.

I did some undercover research online, to find that Kraft had a choice, again, this past March 2015, regarding their milk proteins in the ingredient list.  But this is nothing new with Kraft Cheese.  I found info from 2003, with the FDA warning Kraft about their milk protein shenanigans.  Apparently they had taken the milk apart so much as to say it was no longer milk.  It was just some kind of scientific protein “product”.  (That’s my short and simple explanation of the story.)  So, instead of removing the non food part of their cheese, they chose to rename their cheese from “food” to “product”.   See below, one of the online, ongoing articles I found.  This particular article dates back to 2003 with Kraft Cheese.


So, no more Kraft Cheese for me nor my loved ones.  Just a heads up friends.  Please read food labels.

I know Kraft isn’t the only food company selling us u healthy choices to put into our bodies.  Kraft just happens to be the topic for today’s blog.  I will keep you posted when I’ve discovered another food company feeding us poorly.  So many health issues society has to deal with today.  I think we need to pay closer attention to what we put in out mouths.  Healthier food choices, one day at a time.💕   Please pass this information on to those you care about.💕  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today.   Yes, I’m on YouTube also.☺️


Candlelight and Crinkles. Quiet Relaxation. ASMR

(Reminder: Best enjoying when wearing headphones.).  I’m sharing a little something with you today  to “de stress” the mind.  Take a moment out of your busy fast paced world.  Quiet the noise inside your head.  All in an effort to get rid of the continual stress put upon us in our daily life.  All in an effort to better our health.  One person at a time.💕☺️💕

Stools, Gut Health and Hidden Candida. Fungus!

I’d like to share with you today, the importance of noticing the consistency of stools.  Lumpy? Hard? Too soft? Mild diarrhea?  (Sorry for the awful mental image here.).   I’ve been through a six month episode of caring for hubby and his loose stools.  This is definitely not normal for him.  His stool health had never been an issue, all the years of our marriage.

Last month we did a stool test, only to find out that he has candida.   Apparently, he has had it for quite a long while.  Simply, Candida, fungus, is an overgrowth of yeast in the intestines.  “Another one of his ailments I have to be concerned about….”, I murmured in disgust.  Truth is,  I was, and still am disgusted at MYSELF for not paying attention to his stool change, six months ago!

How do I know loose stools and candida are connected?   Here’s what happened:  Upon diagnosis of candida, we started a daily probiotic capsule,  recommended to us by our doctor.  (Probiotics replace the good bacteria that our gut needs to be healthy.)  We got rid of sugars and breads from his diet.  Almost overnight his stool consistency was headed toward what I would call “normal” for him.  Not perfect, but better than it has been the last six months.  Phew!  Crisis averted!  In the whole big scheme of things, candida isn’t a major life or death issue, at this very mild stage.  But, a word to the wise is, don’t  let stool changes go unaddressed.  A healthy gut is so very vital to a healthy life.  An unhealthy gut, left unaddressed, is the beginning of major health issues down the road, even though much of the medical community does not come right out and tell you this.  This has been my experience, sad but true.

Heres what Wikipedia says about Candida:  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candida_(fungus)  You can start here.

We definitely are not done treating the candida as there is a prescription to take to radically kill the bad fungus, aka yeast.  We also are changing or food menu from less breads and sugars to more colorful veggies and berries, all one day at a time.💕

National Sisters Day August 2, 2015

This post is coming one day late.  Yesterday apparently was National Sisters Day.  How long has this been going on?  If it had not been a mention I overheard, from my oldest daughter to my youngest, I would have never known.  So, of course I googled it and yep, there it was, bigger than beans, a national holiday now slated for the first Sunday in August.  How do things get to be officially put on the calendar as a national thing?  I’d like to know, as I have a few suggestions of my own I’d like to submit.  (I’m thinking right now about a national day for pasta, or is it taken already?)

In the midst of caregiving to my sweet hubby, and catching up on reducing daily stress in my life,  I somehow managed to miss National Sisters Day.  For those of you who may have missed it also, here’s what we missed.  Here’s just one of the google searches that came up:


So, I’ll probably email both of my sisters today and share a fun video that will bring back fun memories of our childhood.  Coloring in a fun, oversized coloring book with crayons, markers and colored pencils.  Simple as that, peaceful and relaxing.  A little something to let them know how much they are loved.  Yes, I care for them very much.  I plan on showing them more love and care this year.  I think I may have taken them for granted a bit.  I don’t want to do that anymore.  I’m gonna try to remember that National Sisters Day isn’t really just ONE day out of the year.  Sisters can be celebrated all the year through.💕. ( Enjoy the following ASMR video with headphones, don’t forget)

The Joy of Colors.

Fun memories from years ago.  Relaxing.  Just plain fun.💕 (Dont forget to use your headphones when viewing this video) ASMR.  I happened to be rummaging in the closet and came across two plastic bags of fun colors.  Sharpies, crayons and markers.  Now all I need is a coloring book to do some coloring in.  Best stress reliever yet, for both

What Does ASMR Have to do With Caregiving?.

All I can think to do is go back to the morning of July 10th of this year, and share with you my personal story of how I stumbled across ASMR.

To begin, know that prior to that day, I had never heard about ASMR.  Yes, I had all the physical tingling sensations and experiences all the ASMR YouTube videos talked about, but I had no clue what ASMR stood was.  Initially, I thought it was the name of  somebody’s YouTube Channel, letting the world know that he was an “asian  male” and that he was “religious”.  (I happened to be on YouTube that day,  searching for videos of people unboxing and eating assorted Japanese candy, etc. )  It wasn’t until I clicked on several different Japanese candy YouTube channels, of both males and females, that I finally figured it out…partially.  ASMR must stand for whispering I thought, and let it go at that.  Later I found ASMR videos of just tapping and clinking and soft rubbing sounds.  The rest is history…

ASMR.  Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.  There it was, bigger than beans, on Wikipedia and all over the internet.  I was very aware of the comforting, relaxing calm I experienced with certain sounds, touches and environments.  I just didn’t know it was classified as an actual “thang”.   Live and learn, so the old saying goes.

Here’s how it’s defined in the Urban Dictionary:
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a physical sensation characterized by a pleasurable tingling that typically begins in the head and scalp, and often moves down the spine and through the limbs. (Go to Wikipedia for more in-depth info)

(Note: The pleasurable tingling sensation is not to be confused with sexual arousal, though I’ve noticed some uneducated, non believers want to classify ASMR simply, as a unique sexual response.)

My new awareness and daily implementation of ASMR in my own personal life, has reduced my stress levels beyond what I can even begin to explain to you.  It has impacted my life for the better.  It’s benefits have “runneth over”  into my husband’s life as well.   I’ve been caring for him at home since 2009, as he recovers from a stroke.   He’s been much happier this last week.  Happy wife, happy hubby.

I’m sleeping WAY better at night now.  I feel as if my life has been made “new” again.  New life, new wife, new love affair for my husband and I, married now 33 years.  Less stress makes it easier for me go slow, and implement enjoyable ASMR moments for my husband, through my caregiving.  I’m whispering and taking time to talk nicer, more gentle to him now.  I am intentionally more gentle as I touch his hands, his face, neck, ears and his back.  I gently rub his scalp now daily and give him relaxing head massages.  We are reliving together, all the nice things we did to each other when we first got married, when life wasn’t so frazzled and fast paced.

My awareness of ASMR has allowed me to enjoy more, my daily routine. With less stress in my life,  I have to mention for a second time, I’m now sleeping better during the night.  I’m now able to be a more loving caregiver for my husband during the day.  I am forever grateful for those of you who shared ASMR over the Internet.  Your shared knowledge, has once again, saved my life to some degree.  Thank you!💕

So, it is of my opinion that ASMR has EVERYTHING to do with caregiving.  For a quick intro, you can search  ASMR videos available on Youtube.    (Below, is A video I just recently made.  Remember though I’m new at this☺️)

ASMR, The Bedroom and Me. Let the Affair Begin!

I slept so great last night. Click on the link and listen to the relaxing calm I enjoyed at bedtime.  All 12 minutes of coke fizzeling on ice, chips, chipsand more chips, colorful magazine page after colorful magazine page.

Putting all the scientific, or NOT so scientific research findings away regarding ASMR, all I can say, is since finding ASMR, my sleep has improved 200% . http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/autonomous-sensory-meridian-response-asmr Look at this webpage I posted above, about the beginnings of ASMR as a real “thang”.  Very interesting to say the least.  Remember, to always wear headphones when listening to AMSR videos. Enjoy!

Daiso Japan. Best Japanese Store Ever! Look at What I Found!

I recently admitted to myself that I am a closet Japanese candy and trinket addict.  Daiso Japan store is where I turn to now for my fix.  Everything in the store is priced at $1.50.  A little bit of Japan, right here in California, every time I step foot in that store.  I love it!   Enjoy my shopping haul with me. (Softly spoken, ASMR.  Best to listen to with headphones on, to enjoy the full, fun, relaxing effect)