Stools, Gut Health and Hidden Candida. Fungus!

I’d like to share with you today, the importance of noticing the consistency of stools.  Lumpy? Hard? Too soft? Mild diarrhea?  (Sorry for the awful mental image here.).   I’ve been through a six month episode of caring for hubby and his loose stools.  This is definitely not normal for him.  His stool health had never been an issue, all the years of our marriage.

Last month we did a stool test, only to find out that he has candida.   Apparently, he has had it for quite a long while.  Simply, Candida, fungus, is an overgrowth of yeast in the intestines.  “Another one of his ailments I have to be concerned about….”, I murmured in disgust.  Truth is,  I was, and still am disgusted at MYSELF for not paying attention to his stool change, six months ago!

How do I know loose stools and candida are connected?   Here’s what happened:  Upon diagnosis of candida, we started a daily probiotic capsule,  recommended to us by our doctor.  (Probiotics replace the good bacteria that our gut needs to be healthy.)  We got rid of sugars and breads from his diet.  Almost overnight his stool consistency was headed toward what I would call “normal” for him.  Not perfect, but better than it has been the last six months.  Phew!  Crisis averted!  In the whole big scheme of things, candida isn’t a major life or death issue, at this very mild stage.  But, a word to the wise is, don’t  let stool changes go unaddressed.  A healthy gut is so very vital to a healthy life.  An unhealthy gut, left unaddressed, is the beginning of major health issues down the road, even though much of the medical community does not come right out and tell you this.  This has been my experience, sad but true.

Heres what Wikipedia says about Candida:  You can start here.

We definitely are not done treating the candida as there is a prescription to take to radically kill the bad fungus, aka yeast.  We also are changing or food menu from less breads and sugars to more colorful veggies and berries, all one day at a time.💕

One thought on “Stools, Gut Health and Hidden Candida. Fungus!

  1. Glad to hear the candida is improving. I have to watch my diet because I get candida flare-ups easily. I first found out I had it when I was tested for allergies. Hope you are having a nice weekend and finding some relaxation time. I sure do appreciate your visits to my blog and your nice comments. Wish I had time to visit yours more often. Wishing you a nice, smooth running week and lots of positive coming your way. Hugs


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