Disturbing Change, from Kraft Cheese Food to “PRODUCT”..

Did you catch that friends?  Kraft now calls their cheese slices a “product”. Bigger than beans, it says so, right dab, center front of its label.  Product?  I bought makeup ” products” last week.  Makeup up products, as in a NON food item.

I did some undercover research online, to find that Kraft had a choice, again, this past March 2015, regarding their milk proteins in the ingredient list.  But this is nothing new with Kraft Cheese.  I found info from 2003, with the FDA warning Kraft about their milk protein shenanigans.  Apparently they had taken the milk apart so much as to say it was no longer milk.  It was just some kind of scientific protein “product”.  (That’s my short and simple explanation of the story.)  So, instead of removing the non food part of their cheese, they chose to rename their cheese from “food” to “product”.   See below, one of the online, ongoing articles I found.  This particular article dates back to 2003 with Kraft Cheese.


So, no more Kraft Cheese for me nor my loved ones.  Just a heads up friends.  Please read food labels.

I know Kraft isn’t the only food company selling us u healthy choices to put into our bodies.  Kraft just happens to be the topic for today’s blog.  I will keep you posted when I’ve discovered another food company feeding us poorly.  So many health issues society has to deal with today.  I think we need to pay closer attention to what we put in out mouths.  Healthier food choices, one day at a time.💕   Please pass this information on to those you care about.💕  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today.   Yes, I’m on YouTube also.☺️

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