Its time to redefine  the role of “caregiver.”  (Caregiving: The art of giving care.). I believe I am just the right person for the job.  I want to show you what you’re doing, right now, that is secretly “giving care” to somebody else.💕  Please bear with me as I try to construct an organized “about”page.  (Formal writings never was one of my better attributes.)  This blog is about caring, and me, Angela..somebody who cares.💕

I’m sure I was born with one too many “caring” genes.  I have come to realize that a caregiver is far beyond that of a professional person or family member, who is hired to help an ill or disabled person.

Do you volunteer to walk the neighborhood kids to school as you don’t want them walking alone without an adult?  That’s a caregiver right there, caught in the act of “giving care.”  Do you put less salt in your family recipes, in consideration of your spouse who  is battling high blood pressure?  That’s a caregiver right there, caught in the act of “giving care.”  Do you start serving green tea now to your friends instead of coffee, because you found out all the wonderful health benefits hidden in green tea leaves?   That’s a caregiver right there, caught in the act of “giving care.”  You get the picture?

You see, my life was changed forever in April 2009.  After 26 years of marriage, my husband had a massive stroke and is now 100% disabled.  Overnight, our world was shattered, changed beyond recognition.  I now care for him here at home, 24/7.  It is my joy.  He is recovering slowly, very slowly.  What I have learned is, I’ve  been in training to be a caregiver my whole life and never even knew it!

Hubby and I lived life in the fast lane.  We did it all, but missed so much.  Now, each and every day is an inspiration!  In spite of health issues , we are happier now than we’ve ever been.  There’s a lot to be said about slowing your life down a notch.

Lately, I have been  inspired by the quotes of Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa.

My name is Angela.  My husband and I  have 2 adult daughters. I’m a native California gal, soon to be age 56.  I blog to share tidbits of new, helpful,  fun, exciting and hopefully inspiring information, that I  have discovered over the years.  I pray you enjoy it here and be inspired to investigate some of life’s little secrets with me.

I have no college degree, nor am I an expert in any field.  I must admit though,  I’m getting to be pretty  good at this family caretaker stuff!  It ceases to  amaze me, what we can do when we are faced with a challenge!💕

I grew up in church and you can still find me there,  on Sunday’s, with hubby.   My first car was a used 1965 Mustang.   My first and only horse was a quarter horse mix, named Cindy.  Growing up, my most “favorite”  pet was my dog Sparky..  He was a collie mix and yes, I cried like a baby when he died.  I was a senior in high school.

My family and friends occasionally refer to me as a walking, talking research junkie. I can’t help it! What will I research today, that will help me, then in turn, more importantly help somebody else?

ASMR.  My latest find, as of July 2015.  I’ve been helped tremendously, to understand what ASMR is, and to know I have it.  I’ve always had it.  I just didn’t know it had a name.  Not to worry tho, it’s not contagious.  You either have it or you don’t.  I hope to put up some posts about ASMR that might possibly help you or a loved one, reduce stress levels.  For me personally, knowing I have ASMR, has inspired me to go to the info websites and do the homework.   And yes, now I even have my own YouTube channel, with my new found love in mind…..ASMR.  This in turn, has reduced my stress level of daily living.  (Less stress  is a good thing! ). As we have all heard, stress is a number one killer, in one form or another.  Stay tuned though, more on ASMR later.💕   In the meantime you  learn more about ASMR, simply by searching, autonomous sensory meridian response.

I hope to encourage and inspire others to better themselves,  challenge their minds and to love others.  In this way, we can move forward, to make the world a better place.  One person at a time. 💕

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