ASMR, The Bedroom and Me. Let the Affair Begin!

I slept so great last night. Click on the link and listen to the relaxing calm I enjoyed at bedtime.  All 12 minutes of coke fizzeling on ice, chips, chipsand more chips, colorful magazine page after colorful magazine page.

Putting all the scientific, or NOT so scientific research findings away regarding ASMR, all I can say, is since finding ASMR, my sleep has improved 200% . Look at this webpage I posted above, about the beginnings of ASMR as a real “thang”.  Very interesting to say the least.  Remember, to always wear headphones when listening to AMSR videos. Enjoy!

Daiso Japan. Best Japanese Store Ever! Look at What I Found!

I recently admitted to myself that I am a closet Japanese candy and trinket addict.  Daiso Japan store is where I turn to now for my fix.  Everything in the store is priced at $1.50.  A little bit of Japan, right here in California, every time I step foot in that store.  I love it!   Enjoy my shopping haul with me. (Softly spoken, ASMR.  Best to listen to with headphones on, to enjoy the full, fun, relaxing effect)